Rudy’s Story

A horse with no hope

In 2019, as we drove one day towards the capital, Castries, we came upon this poor creature. Starving with sticking out ribs and left to graze with no water in the blazing sun, this unfortunate animal had no hope.

Over the coming weeks, we saw him, tied in the same place, in the same condition. It made us weep. A wave of helplessness washed over us, and it became harder and harder to drive that same road.

Other animal lovers had noticed this noble horse, and one day we were called and texted by several people begging us to help.

He’d been hit by a vehicle.

Hardly surprising since the “owner” had tied him inches from the busiest road on the island.

So armed with a first aid kit, buckets of water, and feed, we visited him. He was in a sorry state, and clearly, his leg was broken or, at best, damaged.

We discovered who the owner was and tried to connect to push him into some action. Get a vet to the scene and take stock of the situation. No dice. The poor creature was left to stand in the same spot as for the months before.

Eventually, we took the ball into our own hands. We procured a flatbed truck and went with a crew that helped ease him onto the lorry and bring him to Rainbows End.

Closer examination revealed that he was badly infested with ticks, covered in sores, and badly injured left back leg.

Sandie began the painstaking journey to help him recover. The leg had set in a way, and he didn’t seem in pain. The ticks were so numerous and thick on his skin that it was a battle to get him clear, but eventually, he had none. Regular feed and fresh grass, a soft bed, and cool fresh water led to a different animal in a few weeks, but it was some time before he regained his strength.

Now two and a half years later, he is a happy, almost healthy stallion, and far from the meek and mild individual of 2019, he has got his “mojo” back. A spirited horse can be difficult, but it is also amazing to see the spirit he now has. As soon as he spots one of us each morning he neighs loudly to say, “I want my breakfast, dude- now!”

The sequence of images to the left and below will give you some sense of his journey and progress from hell to heaven.

It’s hard to believe it is the same horse!


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the
way its animals are treated.”


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