The Definitive Bundle of Joy

As far as unconditional love goes, Woody is an Olympic Champion. Just the cuddliest, (is there such a word?), sweetest, lovable little chap ever!

But wait until you read how he came to be a Rainbow’s End resident.

A few years ago, Sandie took the jeep and went into Rodney Bay for some shopping. Her first call was at the Pet Life store. As she was about to leave, a cute but very scruffy pooch was sitting in the doorway looking at her. Sandie asked the assistant if she knew the dog. “He comes around regularly, waits by the door, and looks hopefully at everyone. He is either looking for a new home or his owner.”

Sandie’s first thought was that the latter was the most likely and went on her way. She crossed the main road to the Massy Supermarket.

After spending about a half-hour shopping, she left the store and headed to where the vehicle was parked.

There sitting waiting was the same scruffy dog she’d encountered at the Pet Store. Sandie noted that he was very thin. looked starving and highly unkempt. He had no collar and looked like a stray. She opened the door to put the bags into the jeep, and before she knew it, he had jumped in the front seat and sat looking at Sandie with a smile. (Yes, folks, dogs most definitely smile).

What else could she do but drive home?

Sandie called me to tell me she was nearly home, which was my signal to open the gates. The main gates are at the end of a very long drive downhill. So I could easily see there was a passenger and as the jeep got closer I could now see it was a scruffy mongrel!

And the rest, as they say, is history. Initially, he was a bit nervous about the other dogs and liked to hide in the little workshop. The workshop was primarily dedicated to carpentry, and so we called him Woody.

With all the confidence of a happy dog he lacked on arrival, he now lights our lives with joy every day.


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the
way its animals are treated.”


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