About Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has a rich history, crammed with stories of plantations, slavery, pirates and a fourteen year tug of war with the French which finally ended with the British owning the island. In 1979, Saint Lucia was granted independence and although she remains a Commonwealth state, is self governed with a democratically elected Prime Minister and Parliament.

Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar Cane and Bananas were the core earners of revenue and foreign currency, but these days Tourism is the clear leader.

Situated between the Tropic of Cancer ( The Northern Tropic) and the equator, Saint is a tropical Rainforest environment with a dry season in the winter months and a wet season in the summer. However, one can enjoy the many lovely beaches all year round.

It is not known for a vibrant night life but it does have some exceptional restaurants to enjoy. It is in truth more of an outdoorsy kind of place with adventure and sports at the forefront.

As long as you tell us your preferences we’ll make sure you get to experience the Saint Lucia that suits you.


Saint Lucia is great for action men and women. The natural beauty of the rain forest attracts explorers, thrill seekers and the merely curious to try their hand at jumping off waterfalls, climbing the highest mountain (Gimie) or scaling the Pitons. Well worth the effort.

Adventure is to be found under the sea as well, with some world class dives in the Marine Park and especially close to the base of the Pitons. Excellent reefs still in good order and a plethora of marine life awaits you, but no Hammerheads or Great Whites here, I am afraid. There are a couple of interesting wrecks to explore and other reefs up and down the Caribbean coast.

If none of the above appeal then try Zip-Lining through the forest, Kayaking, Sailing or Deep Sea Fishing for Marlin and Swordfish.


Landsports and Watersports are in abundance here. Most Hotels offer Waterskiing, Windsurfing, Sailing lessons and Wakeboarding. If you are into Kite-Boarding then the best place on the island is 5 minutes walk from Rainbows End to our beach at Cas en Bas. There is a school there too, which caters for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Kiters.

We are very close to both Tennis Courts and the St Lucia Golf Club also minutes away.

Wine and Dine 

We are located about ten minutes drive from the center of Rodney Bay, a busy and well maintained town, which really contains most of the activity on the entire island, when it comes to bars, restaurants and shopping.

There are some brilliant beaches nearby too. Cas en Bas closest to us, which is usually only frequented by a few Kite Boarders since most sun worshippers head for the easy to access beaches at Reduit , Windjammer and Rodney Bay.

We’ll guide you in the right direction and make any reservations you’d like.


Wellness is now a global phenomenon and access to all kinds of classes, experiences and treatments is a strong part of Saint Lucia’s tourism offering. From the health-giving mud baths at the Sulphur Springs to the world famous BodyHoliday resort, visitors can join classes in yoga, pilates, stress management, nutrition and diet, Ayurveda, body treatments, facials, reflexology, Osteopathy, beauty therapies and fitness activities. We are well connected in this regard and if you would like to add some health and well being to your Rainbows End experience, we can make that happen easily.

Like to Extend your Stay?

Many of our visitors indicate that after spending a week at Rainbows End, they’d like to stay on for another week or a few more days. Since a lot of the time here will be spent with the equine workshop, it provides an opportunity to enjoy more of the above and makes the long flight from the States, Canada or the UK, more worthwhile.

Let us help you here. we have long standing relationships with many hotels, guest houses and apartments and we can suggest anything from Luxury Five Star, All Inclusive, Quaint and Quirky – whatever your preference.