Learning All About Your Horse

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Equine Expression

This exercise allows you to express yourself by painting a story on the canvas provided by the horse. Native American Indians used the horse, to express emotions experienced throughout their lives. Spiritual healing requests for a sick family member could be expressed on the side of their horse. War paint for horses going into battle would express the commitment and valor of the rider. Express your journey, using the horse as your canvas, and then at the end of your painting, wash it all away – as none of us is defined by our story …. * Paints used are non-toxic and of the variety used by children in kindergarten.

Equine Reflection

How effective are you at communicating? Did you know that consciously or unconsciously our bodies are communicating our thoughts and emotions even though at times we have no idea we are doing anything at all? Horses are masters at picking up on this language. Through simple communication tasks with the horse you will learn how clear and effective you really are. Learn how to live in the moment and stop letting fear and self doubt cloud your ability to find your true inner voice and confidence.